Dirt Showdown – a great game

Enter the game, make some settings, enter the race and stare at the fireworks around you, when suddenly you get hit by a nervous AI whom you stand in the way. That is the atmosphere of the game that I will present today. Codemasters have kept the license and they are responsible for creating and publishing the game Dirt Showdown.

Let’s see the system requirements:

Minimum specifications
Windows XP (SP3), Vista or Windows 7
AMD Athlon 64 X2 or Intel Pentium D 3.4GHz
2GB of RAM
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD2000 Series or NVidia 8000 Series
DirectX 10
15GB of Hard Drive
DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Internet connection and Steam account for activation and installation

Recommended specifications
Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
AMD Bulldozer or Intel Core i7
3GB of RAM
Graphics Card: AMD HD6000 Series or NVidia GTX500 Series
DirectX 11
15GB of Hard Drive
DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Internet connection and Steam account for activation and installation

Now, it’s time to talk a little bit about the game play.

Here I have soooo much more to say. First of all, the racing modes are different from Dirt 3. They couldn’t be the same as the game play if also different.

Gaming modes:

Race-off – a normal race, similar with rally-cross.

Rampage – the only occupation here is hitting the opponent to gain a bigger final score. When the opponent is destroyed, the score is higher, and this means you actually get a bonus.

Knock-Out – in the game you will hear the expression “sumo wrestling with cars”. This expression actually defines perfectly this event. The whole race takes place on cradle, with the ability to climb every time you fall using a ramp.

Head2Head – a fight between two competitors who go through the same route, make certain movements with the car and so on.
Eliminator – normal race, at some point last contestant is eliminated, until the last one.

Domination – normal race, only the route is divided into several sections, and you will have to get the best time, preferably on all portions of the route.

In this game the control of the game is different from the previous game, being more pronounced. The drift is much easier to do, a thing that I really enjoyed - get more info. Unlocking cars is based on money earned from racing campaign. The sponsors are all present from the beginning. The AI has his good and his bad sides like in every other game. Sometimes it remains confused, especially in cases of impact in 8 Ball, but smart enough to do anything to throw you of the platform or to spin you out in the middle of the race.

With all the good and the bad parts, this game is a must play from my point of view, a game that I totally recommend - play for fun.